Many of us are looking for sound investments. But few find opportunities that truly make a difference, both to our portfolios and to the communities in which we invest.

Deetken Asset Management Inc. (DAMI) offers you both. Our priority is delivering strong, uncorrelated stable returns to our clients. But we differ from other firms in two striking ways:

  • One, our geographic focus is the Americas, with a deeper focus on Latin America, a region which -- like other emerging markets -- is projected to grow at 2x the rate of advanced economies in the next 5 years. Access to capital is necessary to capture this growth.
  • Two, we focus our investments on businesses and social enterprises that promote entrepreneurship, provide or improve access to basic services, and have a positive environmental impact.

Because we prioritize returns and capital preservation, we strategically hand-pick and rigorously assess our limited number of investees. To qualify, they need to meet our high standards for sustainability and financial performance, which means they represent safe, profitable and previously unexplored avenues of growth for Canadian investors.

But our investments are also about supporting entrepreneurs and communities. The businesses we select are poised to provide essential services in their respective countries, from health care and education to clean energy. They are businesses that significantly improve the lives of under-served communities, giving them opportunities for growth and development that would otherwise be unavailable.

DAMI is a Certified B Corporation.