"Targeted, analytical and strategic, the Deetken Impact Fund is the perfect symbiosis for the savvy investor who wants to use her or his portfolio to make a difference in the world."

The Deetken Impact Fund (DIF) is one fund managed by the Deetken Asset Management Team. It is one of the first impact funds in Canada with an international focus. It aims to deliver strong, consistent returns by investing in exceptional businesses that promote entrepreneurship and improve access to basic services, including financial products. The DIF also invests in social enterprises driving improvements to renewable energy, affordable housing and healthcare. DIF focuses on opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Investment Objectives

Our investment objectives include the following:

  • Capital Preservation: To preserve the capital of our investors through a conservative investment approach.
  • Attractive Yield: To earn attractive risk-adjusted yields by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Social Impact: To generate meaningful and measurable social impact by investing in projects which promote financial inclusion and the development of micro and small enterprises.
  • Debt Focus: To invest primarily in debt securities, with a target of no more than 10% of assets to be invested in equity instruments.
  • Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer: To support innovative access to other (non-financial) basic services such as healthcare, renewable energy and education.

The DIF’s initial close took place in May 2016. See The Deetken Blog for more information.