“Bringing deep industry knowledge, expertise and innovation to the clean energy economy –
economics, regulatory, technology, financing, community relations and infrastructure development”

As global climate policy evolves, the world’s demand for clean and renewable energy will continue to increase. Canada is a leader in the production and use of renewable energy. British Columbia (BC) is particularly well-positioned to help meet the world’s increasing demand for lower carbon energy, including natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and hydroelectric power, one of the world’s cleanest and most reliable energy sources. By building financing models and risk allocation frameworks, leading deal structuring and negotiations, and undertaking financial evaluations, Deetken is helping developers and governments to manage energy resources and build on competitive advantages in generating clean energy. Farther afield in Latin America and through Deetken Impact (our financing arm), we are developing and financing projects aimed at harnessing the enormous potential of solar power.

Examples of what we do:

  • support developers and financiers with the development of project finance structures for large-scale energy project.

  • develop and finance solar and small-scale hydro-electric projects in Latin America.

  • support negotiations between private and public sector clients around Liquefied Natural Gas on issues ranging from project financing, taxation, carbon emissions, electricity supply and pricing, and First Nations settlements.

  • develop business strategies for clean energy firms to create competitive advantage, boost energy efficiencies and achieve financial sustainability.

  • lead the financial negotiations, deal structuring and development of financial models and risk allocation frameworks around the development of a contribution agreement and power purchase agreement with a major energy infrastructure companies.

  • undertake economic impact assessments of capital plans to support on-going management decision-making for electric utilities.

  • provide a third party validation of incentivizing the development of a low-carbon emission transportation industry.

Deetken Infrastructure Support “In Action”