“Building trade relations and fostering economic growth”

Canada is a top choice for investors and BC is one of the most attractive places in North America to work and invest. At Deetken, we help develop strong trade links and promote economic development for the province. We take our strategy a step further and apply our holistic and rigorous approach to critically and quantitatively evaluate the economic impacts of program, policy and investment strategies.

Examples of what we do:

  • evaluate the potential impacts to the province of easing trade restrictions with Europe, Korea, India and Japan.
  • help promote trade and cultural links between Vancouver and key Asian countries by supporting initiatives to attract investment, encourage international education, and promote Vancouver as an international transportation hub to Asia.
  • undertake an evaluation of the impact and competitiveness of BC’s tax credits for the film, television and digital animation industry.
  • develop a sustainable business and funding model to support the fundraising efforts of a leading not-for- profit organization in Vancouver.
  • undertake an assessment of the local economic impact of a significant number of on-going and proposed hydro-electric projects.