“Impact Investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return" -- Global Impact
Investing Network (GIIN)

Deetken Asset Management Inc., a joint venture between The Deetken Group and Cooperativa ABACO, manages investments in emerging economies to generate sustainable long-term returns while helping communities grow.

The team sees tremendous opportunity for attractive double or triple bottom line investments in the impact space especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.  In addition, we actively examine North American opportunities that meet our investment criteria.

We believe that impact investing should be accessible to anyone who is looking to invest and who cares about a social or environmental issue. It should not be the exclusive preserve of financial institutions, large companies or high net-worth individuals.

Our strong networks, combined with our proprietary financial and social due diligence methodologies, have provided us with an extensive and diverse pipeline of investment opportunities.

At Deetken Asset Management Inc. (DAMI), we want more Canadians to have access to high quality impact investment opportunities. In addition to the choices we make as consumers, how we choose to invest our savings is one of the most powerful ways we impact the world around us. Learn more by watching this video.