“Understanding the labour market and helping to improve employment outcomes for newcomers to      Canada"

Understanding the labour market is critical for determining the appropriate supply of workforce needs and promoting productive and decent labour market attachment. At Deetken, we conduct rigorous analysis of the labour market to determine labour demand, supply and matching. Building on our expertise in labour market analysis, we have also established expertise in helping improve employment outcomes for newcomers to Canada.

  • work with a major crown corporation to develop a methodology and tool to facilitate its collaboration with post-secondary institutions in setting training targets in a way that integrates a verification of appropriateness relative to labour market demand.

  • lead a major project to help improve collaboration, service awareness and referrals between employment and settlement service providers in BC in order to improve employment outcomes for newcomers.

  • analyze the employment-related service gaps that serve as barriers for immigrants in achieving labour market attachment.

  • identify and address barriers to Foreign Qualification Recognition and employment for immigrants in the energy sector.

  • support major industry representatives to undertake deep explorations of labour market shortages in seven major BC sectors (representing sub-sectors in the natural resources, construction, retail, food and beverage services, arts and culture, and local government sectors), and to advise on strategies for addressing these shortages.