“Helping the public sector to improve service delivery”

In an economy characterized by seismic demographic shifts, public sector institutions are often required to do more with less. At Deetken, we help public sector clients maximize efficiencies and increase effectiveness in order to better meet the needs of stakeholders.

Examples of what we do:

  • undertake an assessment of human resource management practices for a major crown corporation, including overtime management, employee training and labour relations as well as an assessment of organizational effectiveness.
  • conduct a strategic review of a ministry’s disparate contact centres and design an operating model and organizational structure to achieve near term efficiencies and provide a foundation for its future citizen service strategy to significantly improve service delivery.
  • prepare a business plan for a public polytechnic institution on the potential impact of its relocation and make preliminary recommendations related to expanding the institute’s continuing and professional studies programs in health and other areas.
  • undertake a holistic operational review of the health care services division of a major crown corporation, develop and evaluate options for improving efficiency, service levels and reducing risks -- ranging from business process to policy change to technology investment -- and, on this basis, prepare an implementation plan to realize identified benefits.