Making healthcare accessible to remote communities

Many people living in remote communities – whether in Canada or other parts of the world – often have difficulty accessing the services of physicians. In some cases, this has led to major gaps in health outcomes. Telehealth –the use of technology to support long-distance clinical health care and health-related educational services – can play an important role in providing access to quality and cost effective care to people in isolated communities. Many health practitioners predict that telehealth will play a critical role in the future of healthcare worldwide.

In 2013, a group of Canadian physicians founded Livecare, a network of highly qualified primary care and specialist doctors that use technology to provide patients access to quality, real-time healthcare, regardless of where they are located. Livecare’s brand of telehealth is unique in that it combines an onsite telemedicine facilitator with integrated video, digital diagnostic technology and electronic records. This provides the patient and physician with a personalized, supportive and real-time experience that assures conclusive diagnoses in the vast majority of situations.

The Deetken Group was engaged by Livecare to formulate their growth strategy, drawing on our health, information technology and business strategy experience. We worked closely with Livecare’s management team to develop business strategy and business models, build key partnerships, and secure financing and contracts.  We recognized that Livecare needed to be agile to capitalize on changing market dynamics and opportunities.  Our entrepreneurial origins positioned us well:  we combine the unique needs of new ventures with our characteristic rigour.

Livecare is currently navigating the BC venture capital ecosystem as it expands and grows its business lines. This innovative company has delivered healthcare services to eight rural communities in Canada. This has included more than 25,000 patient consults.

Deetken continues to play a role as a strategic advisor with a focus on positioning Livecare for national and international growth.