Deetken writes and directs our first animated shorts!

You may not think that, as a management consulting and asset management company, Deetken would be in the animation business. Think again!

We recently completed a major project focused on improving employment outcomes for immigrants. As part of this project, Deetken developed three training modules (which can be accessed here) to help employment and settlement counsellors to improve employment outcomes for immigrants. To reinforce learning outcomes, Deetken developed animated shorts that tell the stories of two newcomers to Canada: Priya from India and Zeina from Syria.

Here’s a snapshot of each story:

Priya’s story

Priya has immigrated to Canada with her husband Ajay, who entered the country through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and their teenage son, Anil.  Priya’s story illustrates the mix of emotions she experiences leaving India and settling into life in a small town in northern BC. Priya’s story focuses on her quest to find employment and the support she receives from an Employment Services Centre and an Immigrant Settlement Organization. Priya’s story part one, can be found here and part two here.

Zeina’s story

Zeina had been living with her children in a refugee camp in Jordan when she was selected for the Canadian refugee program.  As Government-Assisted Refugees, she and her children receive Permanent Resident status upon their arrival in Canada. Zeina’s story tells of both the sense of loss and the relief she feels leaving Syria and settling in Burnaby. We accompany Zeina in her search for employment and get a glimpse into the support she receives along the way. Click here for part one of Zeina’s story and here for part two.