The Deetken Group welcomes Colin Spear to the team!


The Deetken Group is excited to welcome Colin Spear to the team.

Colin recently joined The Deetken Group as an Associate. With a combination of economic rigour, advanced data analytical techniques, and policy analysis experience, he is well-equipped to address complex client concerns ranging from economic and financial modeling to operations optimization to policy evaluation. Prior to joining Deetken, Colin worked at the University of Zurich conducting research into the long-run determinants of economic development.

Colin came to Vancouver from Colorado via San Diego (where he founded and operated a community supported bakery), Barcelona, and Zurich. He loves spending time outdoor and playing guitar, and is planning on getting a kayak paddling certification this summer. Colin holds a BA from Fort Lewis College and a Masters in Applied Economic Analysis from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Stay tuned for Colin's full bio coming to the Team section soon!