machine learning

Introducing Deetken Horizon, the machine intelligence team at The Deetken Group

For many of us the term “artificial” or “machine” intelligence conjures up images of kind-hearted Sonny from I, Robot or the deceptively doe-eyed Dolores from Westworld. For some, an AI/MI future is dark, even apocalyptical, with aggressive machines taking over the world and relegating us to second class citizens… or worse.  For others, AI/MI promises a future utopia where daily drudgeries are performed by robots and humans are left to explore higher pursuits.

Whether we like it or not (or we’re just not sure what to think), machine intelligence is already a big part of our lives. (Learn more about MI in everyday life by reading one of our blogs.)

“Machine intelligence” refers to processes where computers perform some of the cognitive functions that we typically associate with the human mind, like learning, reasoning, and problem solving.  

In the way that tractors, assembly lines and robots have automated the agriculture and manufacturing industries, machine intelligence holds unprecedented opportunities to bring automation to the services industries.  This can help organizations work better, faster and cheaper.

The Deetken Group is proud to introduce Deetken Horizon, our machine intelligence team.  Deetken Horizon uses machine intelligence tools and techniques to harness the potential of automation for services industries, like healthcare, insurance, finance and law.

We have used MI to help clients improve their customer service and retention; to accelerate their sales to cash cycle; to reduce financial, operational and occupational safety risks; to measure the effectiveness of partners and suppliers; to free up time to work on high value activities; and, ultimately, to make better decisions, faster. 

The Deetken Horizon team is excited to tell you about our work. Click here to watch our latest video and to learn more about who we are and what we do.  You can also visit our MI webpage on The Deetken Group's website for more information about our team and some of our recent projects.