We are a group of creative, experienced and committed professionals. We are focused on solving problems for our clients and acting as catalysts for real and positive change, not just preparing presentations or reports.

At Deetken, we are able to provide a rare blend of industry knowledge and expertise; deep analytical capabilities and rigour; and a unique client-centred consulting model. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors.

Industry knowledge and expertise: We have deep knowledge of the sectors in which we work enabling us to gain traction quickly to provide unique insights and results.

Analytical capabilities and rigour: We combine world class qualitative and quantitative analytical capacities and cutting-edge techniques with a commitment to precision and excellence. Our clients can trust that our recommendations are solutions-oriented and are based on a robust fact-based foundation, resulting in high-quality decisions and implementation success.

Client-centred consulting model: Our consulting model is based on the provision of small teams of expert-level consultants who collaborate closely with (or, at times, integrate directly with) client teams to leverage existing client capacity. This not only provides our clients with an attractive cost structure but also creates built-in knowledge transfer and capacity building.